How It Works : Food Truck Nearby Lovers


Register yourself to communicate with vendors.


Find Food Truck currently serving near you. Also, searchable distance can be defined in settings.


Select menu items and order using your mobile. Food Truck Vendors will receive "Text Message".


You can bookmark your favourite Truck and Track it.


Here you can set your search area, read about terms & conditions, Privacy Policy, FAQ's and share this app with your friends.

Text Messages

You can also communicate with the vendors using text messages.

How It Works : Food Truck Nearby Vendors


Food Truck Owners can download and install the app to register their truck.

Add Cuisine type and Menu

There define cuisine type and menu. Customer will use cuisine type to search food truck.  Define prices of the menu items in the local currency.


Define breakfast, lunch and dinner menu and their timings. Truck will be shown on the map only during those defined hours &  location feature (showing on the map) will be automatically turned off during non-business hours.

Truck Location

You can shut off the truck location on the map manually anytime when you are off or on vacation or any other reason.

Other Benefits

If an item is not served during particular time (breakfast or lunch), our automatic feature will put a lock button during that time, so customers can't submit order at that time.

Text Messages

Turn on mobile order feature if you like to receive mobile orders. This will enable you to get orders from customers on your mobile. You can also communicate with the customers using text messages.