What is Food Truck Nearby App?

Food Truck Nearby App provides real time location information about Food Trucks (currently serving) in your area. You can also order food and get driving directions.Download the app to never miss your favorite food truck currently serving near you. What’s next….let’s roll and satisfy your hunger with the food that you love.

How does it work?

Food Truck Nearby gives real-time location of Food Trucks who are currently serving in your area. You can also view updated menu, place an order from the menu, get directions and even communicate with the Food Truck vendor using text. The app works from any location (or country). After installing the app, you can tap on "Food Truck Nearby" and app will return a list of food trucks serving your current location.

Features for Food Truck Lovers:
  • Locate Food Trucks serving nearby using real-time location of the vendors.
  • Locate Food Trucks by their Cuisine Type.
  • Get driving directions to Food Trucks.
  • Browse updated menu, get prices and even place an order.
  • Communicate with the food truck vendor using text message.
  • Make your favorites list to locate your favorite food trucks.

How can I add a truck to my 'Favorites' List?

From map view, find your truck and tap on menu Button next to Truck Vendor's name. Once you are inside Truck Vendor's page, click on 'Favorites' icon. Next time you can access this from ‘Favorites’ page.

How can I delete from 'Favorites' List?

Android: Press and hold the list item from your Favorites list. This brings a pop-up, which allows you to delete the Truck Vendor from your list. iPhone: Slide to left from your Favorites list item to get the 'Delete' button.

How much this App cost?

This app is FREE. However communication, phone orders and other features may be chargeable in future and will be informed to user before being charged. Also, check with your carrier about any texting charges.

How does messaging work?

After you place the order, Food Truck vendor will receive order in form of a text message. Further, you can communicate with them using text messages.

How accurate is the information?

We try hard to ensure accuracy of the information. But we are not responsible for any false information and not liable to any mischievousness or unruly behavior by consumer or food truck owner.

How does it work for Food Truck Owner?

Food Truck Owners can download and install the app to register their truck. They can define their cuisine type, menu items, price, serving time, availability etc.

Features for Food Truck Vendors:
  • Define cuisine type and menu. Customer will use cuisine type to search food truck.
  • Define prices of the menu items in the local currency.
  • Define breakfast, lunch and dinner menu and their timings. Truck will be shown on the map only during those defined hours.
  • Location feature (showing on the map) will be automatically turned off during non-business hours.
  • You can shut off the truck location on the map manually anytime when you are off or on vacation or any other reason.
  • If an item is not served during particular time (breakfast or lunch), our automatic feature will put a lock button during that time, so customers can't submit order at that time.
  • Turn on mobile order feature if you like to receive mobile orders. This will enable you to get orders from customers on your mobile. You can also communicate with the customers using text messages.

I am a food truck owner. How can I register my truck?

Food truck owners can register food truck by installing the Food Truck Nearby App.

How can I turn off the locator?

Your location will shut off when you are not serving during breakfast, lunch, or dinner time. To turn it off manually, go to phone settings and turn it off.

What does “Owner Verified” mean?

It means that food truck listing has been claimed and verified by an owner or authorized agent. If you are the owner or authorized agent and your truck is “Owner Verified” but you did not verify your listing please contact us!

Can anyone claim a food truck that is listed on

No, only owners or authorized agents can claim and verify a listing. If your favorite truck has a listing but is not “owner verified” or a “member” please talk to, email, or tweet the truck and let them know to “claim” their food truck listing.

How can I contact FoodTruckNearby?

You can send email to or for any feedback, query or help.