Fledgling food truck rolls out authentic Indian street cuisine

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Love Indian food, but gotta eat on the run? Shama Joshi has you covered.

The software engineer turned food truck entrepreneur opened her truck, Roll OK Please, just last month and began slinging Kathi rolls, a grilled flatbread wrap that she fills with either marinated meat or grilled paneer, mint chutney and pickled onions.

Joshi ate the rolls growing up in the Mumbai-Pune region of Western India, but the street snack supposedly originated in Kolkata in Eastern India way back in the 1930s.

“It depends where in India you are from,” she said, explaining that the rolls are a regional food. “Some people haven’t even heard of a Kathi roll.”

Joshi made her debut as a food truck chef just last month after cold-calling a number of local businesses looking for a place to set up. Eventually, the owner of Ballard’s Shelter Lounge agreed to have Roll OK Please set up for three hours outside of the establishment. Packed into her food truck with a handful of friends and her 68-year-old mother who was visiting from India, Joshi served about 300 customers on her first day.

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